Welcome to RV Golf Club!

RV Golf Club is a refreshing new alternative to overnight RV Parking. For the first time ever RV owners have benefits and privileges previously unavailable and unheard of. For the low price of $99 a year you can park your RV overnight, every night at quality golf courses, Resort Hotels and RV Resorts throughout the U.S. and Canada – for free. If you travel in an RV and play golf this is a dream come true. If you are not a golfer and you would like to enjoy staying in your RV with the comfort of high quality, well managed properties this is for you also.

If you normally stay at RV parks and pay $30 to $60 a night, doesn’t it seem smarter to stay free at a golf course or resort hotel and use the money to enjoy dinner in the clubhouse or play golf. It’s like you get to eat free every night or play golf free every day. If you normally stay in RV parks you are going to find this a much more friendly experience and a lot less crowded.

If you normally stay in retail store parking lots, truck stops and rest areas why not treat yourself to a much more beautiful way of traveling. Enjoy quiet, private environments surrounded by beauty, where the employees welcome you like you’re a member.





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