RV Golf Club

RV Golf Club Adds Style to your RV Lifestyle!

RV Golf Club is a refreshing new alternative to overnight RV Parking. For the first time ever RV owners have benefits and privileges previously unavailable and unheard of at quality golf courses, Resort Hotels and RV Resorts throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you travel in an RV and play golf this is like a dream come true. If you are not a golfer and you would like to enjoy staying in your RV with the comfort of high quality, well managed locations this is for you also.

Free Overnight Parking

An RV Golf Club membership opens the doors to many amazing benefits for RV'ers and Golfers alike:

  • Free Overnight Parking at Golf courses, Resort Hotels, and RV Resorts throughout North America.
  • Access for Class "A", "B", "C" RV's, 5th Wheels, trailers and truck campers.
  • At the golf courses there are no blackout dates and no restrictions on the length or year of your RV and no required check-in or check-out times. Some of the RV resorts require that you have a Class "A" that is 10 years or newer.
  • Full use of facilities available at many locations.
  • What we do require is that your vehicles are well maintained, clean and becoming of a golf course environment. If you feel the quality level of your vehicles are appropriate for a golf course environment, we invite you to join RVGC.
  • Route and mapping guides available for ease of directions

To Use This Map:

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We purposely do not give details of each property. This protects our Partner properties from RV’ers pulling in unannounced and without a Membership card.

Locations Galore - Currently our members enjoy 434 properties

There are thousands of beautiful golf courses in the U.S. and Canada. Already, RV Golf Club has successfully partnered with hundreds that we recognize as RV-friendly, where they allow our members to dry-camp overnight for FREE. Additionally, many offer our members discounts on golf, food & beverages,shopping and services. You will be recognized as RV Golf Club Members and invited to enjoy the restful beauty provided at each property. Most of the golf courses are in close proximity to major highways for your convenience. Now, for the first time, RV'ers are welcome to enjoy the beauty of these sanctuaries.


Imagine being surrounded by gorgeous landscaping instead of rows of RV's. What a pleasure it would be to be able to walk to the golf course, restaurant, pool, Jacuzzi and shops. Think about how secure, quiet, and classy it would be. Then consider how delightful it will be receiving service from hospitality professionals. Golf courses have a high regard for customer-service. They seek to provide you the most satisfying experience possible.

Additional Bonuses for Members

You can park your RV overnight at Golf Training centers that feature indoor “Virtual” golf that allows you to play the most phenomenal courses from around the globe. Plus our growing list of properties offers many high-end RESORT HOTELS with excellent accommodations, multiple pools, Jacuzzis, restaurants, and business centers. You are welcome to stay for free in your RV at these luxurious locations and use the amenities.

As an added bonus, RV Golf Club membership also offers a unique opportunity for RV'ers to enjoy two nights with hookups at high end RV RESORTS, FREE or discounted by 50% at certain locations. Many RV owners are looking for a winter or summer home for their RV. These RV resorts give you an opportunity to leisurely determine if you want to stay longer and/or come back another time or perhaps purchase your own RV site or Park Model. There is no mandatory sales presentation: As a member you stay for free or 50% off and there are NO catches!

FREE parking is a very nice benefit, however, to perpetuate RVGC's WIN - WIN business model, if you play golf, take a lesson, dine or shop, the course also wins while you enjoy the FREE quality locations and beautiful surroundings. Why not use the money you would normally spend on an RV park to enjoy the amenities of the golf courses and RV Resorts. You'll be adding to your RV'ing experience and creating lasting memories.

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