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Are you looking for a better, smarter, refreshing alternative to expensive, crowded RV parks? Are you finding that it’s getting harder to find a vacancy? Do you want a better quality experience than Wal-Mart, truck stops and rest areas? For $99 a year you can park free every night of the year at hundreds of beautiful golf courses and resort hotels all over North America, from Coast to Coast.

RV Golf Club gives you a reason to leave home.

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 Membership in RV Golf Club offers Great Benefits!

  • FREE overnight RV parking (dry camping) at hundreds of beautiful golf courses, from Coast to Coast, all over the U.S. and Canada
  • Discounts on golf, food & beverages, shopping and services at most properties
  • Uncrowded parking in quiet, secure locations
  • Gorgeous landscaping, classy ambiance & Quality environments
  • Enjoy relaxing walks with stunning scenery
  • Easy walk to the clubhouse, restaurants, shops, driving range, putting greens and golf courses
  • Welcoming hospitality and service. You’ll feel like you are a member of each golf course
  • Care to stay a 2nd or 3rd night, just check with the Pro Shop personnel. Engage in some commerce and they would be delighted to have you stay another night
  • Park free and enjoy the amenities at 4 and 5-star RESORT HOTELS
  • Because you’re not spending $30 to $60 a night for an RV park, walk over to the restaurant and use that money to have dinner. It’s like you are eating for free. Or use the money to play golf or take a lesson, again it’s like playing golf for free. We recommend you spend at least $20, that way the properties Win also
  • You’ll witness OMG beauty that you can never find in a large retail store parking lot or a truck stop or a crowded RV park
  • NO pulling into a retail store parking lot only to find out they no longer allow RV parking
  • NO one knocking on your door in the middle of the night telling you to leave
  • NO noisy trucks blowing diesel exhaust all night

Only $99 for a 1 Year Membership

Only $237 for a 3 Year Membership = 20% Discount

And at the golf courses there are

    • NO restriction on the length of your RV
    • NO restrictions on the year of your RV





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