3 Tips to Overnight RV Parking with RV Golf Club

We realize RV travel can be spontaneous, without  a set itinerary.  But, it really helps to make some general plans for the places you are heading.

Your experience using the RV Golf Club benefits for overnight RV parking will be better if you keep these tips in mind:

1 – You don’t have to wait until the same day to call the golf course  where you wish to stop.  In fact, you can call well in advance to make sure they will have room for you the day(s) you wish to be there.

We called about 3 weeks ahead of time to one course we are planning to visit and talked to the golf pro.  He explained they were planning to aerate the golf course on the day we would be there so we would not be able to play golf.  He welcomed us to park there regardless of the course status and explained the other amenities in the area.

2 – When you do arrive at the course, check in with the clubhouse before you park.  Take a look around so you can request the best situation for your rig – like level ground, shade trees, enough room to put out your slides, and away from the high trafficked areas.

If you know you will be running your generator choose a location away from other buildings or private homes that may back up to the parking lot.

Remember, do not put out your awning or a lot of outdoor chairs, tables or accessories.  Try to stay contained to a reasonable area.

Overnight RV Parking at Golf Courses3 – Please patronize their establishment!  One of the reasons golf courses partner with us is to grow their business volume.  Even if you do not play golf, check out their pro shop for clothing, sunscreen, hats and eat or drink at their restaurant and bar.

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