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Introducing: Jim and Julie Vernes

RV Golf Club Founders
Your hosts: Jim and Julie Vernes

Hi, this is Jim & Julie Vernes. We have been full timers for three years, traveling the country in our “White House”. The more we stayed in RV parks, the more passionate we became to find places more exciting … outside the box.

We started looking for a refreshing alternative to normal RV overnight parking. Then this creative idea hit me. Wouldn’t it be great to park at golf courses. They have large parking lots that sit vacant at night, they’re beautiful, quiet, un-crowded and it would be real convenient to walk to the golf courses, restaurants, and shops. We’ve discovered that thousands of other RV’ers want the same thing. Then to address the ‘no hookups’ situation we’ve added several quality RV Resorts around the country: Every few days you can empty your tanks, fill up your water and charge your batteries – and it makes it possible for you to leisurely discover the best RV Resorts for 50% off or Free!

Jim's Whitehouse RV
Our “White House”

So it is with great pleasure that we present to you an organized, formal way of enjoying quality RV friendly golf courses and high quality RV Resorts all over North America. Join us for some happy travels!


“Living the RV Dream in Style”