Here are the answers to some good questions that other RV Owners have asked

Please consider that there is no contract binding you to any commitments. We have a simple agreement of understanding (“Golden Rules”). We call them Golden Rules because they are common sense ideas that create a true Win – Win – Win relationship. The golf courses, “Virtual Golf Centers,” and Resort Hotels are referred to as “Properties.”

What does it cost to be an RVGC Member?

The annual membership is $99. It starts when you complete the membership sign up form and is good for twelve months. A three year membership is only $237 (20% discount).

What’s the benefit for me to be an RVGC member?

  • The free parking is a money saving benefit. Use it one or two nights and it pays for itself. Full-timers traveling the country and paying a low $40 a night could save $14,600. Wow, that’s a great benefit
  • The RVGC discounts on golf; food & beverage; shopping and services provided by most properties is another welcome bonus
  • The real value is in the Style of RVing afforded by staying at these marvelous properties
  • We know that you would like to see a detailed list of every property before you join. We trust that you will understand why the properties don’t want us to give that information out to the 9 million RV owners in the country. If you have any difficulty with the description of how to zoom in on the map please contact us immediately at  [email protected]
  • You are within walking distance of the Clubhouse, pro shop, restaurant and lounge, driving range, occasionally a pool and Jacuzzi, tennis courts and Spa
  • The priceless benefit is being a welcomed guest at these gorgeous properties and being treated like a member. It’s like staying at a friend’s private estate.

What kind of RV’s are allowed?

Self-contained Class “A”, “B”, “C” RV’s, 5th wheels, trailers and truck campers. Sorry, tents and canvas RV’s or trailers do not blend well into a golf course environment.

What do you mean by “self-contained”?

Your RV has a toilet (a porta-potty is OK but cannot be dumped on the property), built in holding tanks for fresh water and waste water and your own electricity.

What kinds of places will let me park my RV overnight?

Currently we have four categories of properties: Public and semi-private golf courses; Private Country Clubs; Resort Hotels; and Indoor Virtual golf centers.

I want to know where all the properties are where I can park my RV

  • You can see a list of our properties and how close they are to the Interstate highways. Go to our website and click on the menu link that says, Places to Park. The map that appears shows all the properties.
  • We know that you would like to see a more detailed list of every property before you join- however, we trust that you will understand why the properties don’t want us to give that information out to the 9 million RV owners in the country. If you have any questions, please contact us immediately at [email protected] or email me by clicking here.

I want to know more about the properties?

The minute you sign up for an RVGC membership you will have instant access to the “Member Travel Office.”


The golf courses do not want us to give out lists of the properties because it could lead to embarrassing moments where they have to ask non-members to leave in the middle of the night.

Will the parking lots be filled up with RV’s?

Absolutely not. Some courses will accommodate less than 6 RV’s, while others have room for a dozen or more. Several courses are so excited about RVGC that they plan on creating more space for our members. The number of available spaces is listed on the individual property information sheets in the Member Travel Office.

How long can I stay and can I stay more than once at a property?

At all properties, one night, however, if you really like the facility ask the Pro shop personnel for permission to stay an additional night(s). If you are spending money, they will be happy for you to stay another night. Occasionally they may have a large event scheduled, which may require all the spaces in the parking lot. You are welcome to return to the same golf course as often as you like, if you are engaging in commerce when you are there. Think Win – Win. Remember to call before arrival.

How will the properties know when I will be arriving?

It’s important that you call in advance to verify the property has available space. Tell them you’re an RVGC member and give them your name. The courses are looking forward to your arrival. On occasion a course could be hosting a large event and their parking lot may be full, in which case they will invite you to visit a different day. It would be frustrating for you to drive a long distance, only to be turned away, so call to confirm your reservation first.

How far in advance do I have to call?

There is no time factor. You can call an hour before or minutes before arriving, however, it’s best for you if you call in advance to insure they have space for you to park.

How will the property staff recognize that I am an RVGC member?

When you join you can immediately print out your Membership card and VIP Parking Permit. No printer? No problem. Email yourself the card as an attachment and save it to your phone, tablet or computer.
When you arrive, walk into the Pro shop or office, the same way you customarily do at RV parks and show your RVGC membership card and driver’s license. Place your RVGC parking permit in the window of your RV. You also need to show your membership card and driver’s license to qualify for any RVGC discounts when making a purchase.

Will I receive a book or directory?

We are adding new properties so fast it would be cost prohibitive to print directories. They would be obsolete before we mailed them and many of our members are full-timers so they would be paying extra postage to have the directory catch up to them. RVGC members always have access to the Member Travel Office

I’m leaving soon, how do I get my membership card and VIP parking pass?

Instantly when you sign up for your membership you will be able to enter the Member Travel Office and print them out, including your personal license plate number and the make of your vehicle.

Are the courses pet friendly?

Yes, on a leash and please consider that a barking dog is not appreciated.

My friends will be following us with their RV do they need to be members of RV Golf Club?

Yes. They will need to have a VIP parking pass for the window of their RV and they will need to show their membership card to the Pro Shop personnel when they arrive. You don’t want them to get a wake-up knock on the door in the middle of the night.

Do I have any responsibility to the properties?

Be respectful of the property. Conduct yourself like you plan on returning and you want the property to be happy to see you. The properties are going to treat you like a member. Conduct yourself accordingly.

Do I have to spend money at the properties?

A VERY SMALL PERCENTAGE OF THE COURSES REQUIRE YOU TO BOOK A TEE TIME IN ORDER TO PARK OVERNIGHT, otherwise, there is no requirement that you spend money or play golf . The RV Golf Club business model is based securely on a Win – Win – Win relationship. If our members don’t spend any money at these beautiful properties there is no benefit to them to give up multiple parking spaces for an RV to park there.

What do the properties get out of this?

Isn’t it great that you are invited to park free and most of the properties offer you RVGC discounts so you can enjoy the amenities? We encourage you to support these businesses to acknowledge their hospitality to RVGC members so that they will not only want to continue to supply parking spaces and discounts but desire to increase them. Consider this, if you normally spend $30 to $60 a night for an RV park, why not play golf and use the money you were going to spend to park your RV?  Isn’t that like playing golf for free? The same thing applies to having dinner at the golf course.  Isn’t that like eating dinner free?  Or maybe just enjoy a relaxing breakfast on their patio. Think Win – Win and you will help perpetuate RVGC for your future enjoyment.

Do I have to be a golfer?

Absolutely NOT. This is all about having a refreshing new alternative to overnight RV parking. If you are a golfer, it’s like an RV’ers dream come true.

May I stay and play the Private Country Clubs?

Yes, if you are a member of another Private Country Club. It’s customary in the Private Country Club world for members of one club to have reciprocal privileges at other private clubs. If you are a member of a Private Country Club you are welcome at the Clubs in RVGC’s (“Gold Division”).
They are highlighted with the purple push-pins: You will need to carry with you a Letter of Introduction from your Private Country Club.

Where do I park?

Almost all the time you will be in the parking lot, however, occasionally you may be on a level dirt, gravel or grass area close to the golf course. Most of the property managers have written a description of where they want you to park in the property information form. All of the managers who have signed up their properties understand that many of our members have very large rigs and are pulling vehicles and that you need room for easy access.

What if there is no space in the parking lot.

Remember, you call in advanced to confirm they have space. Some courses may have a level, dirt, gravel or grassy area or occasionally another property nearby like a vacant lot. Be sure to check with the pro shop or office when you arrive.

What do I do with my trash?

Every course has trash cans that will accommodate a handful or two of trash but you should not consider the golf course a trash dump site. Please do not leave any trash on the property and be conscious to maintain the quality level becoming of a golf course environment. We don’t want to receive any complaints from a property that would force RVGC to cancel a membership

Can we put our slides out?

Yes, however, no awnings please, no patio furniture (2 chairs are fine) and definitely no Bar B-Ques or fires. Keep pets on a leash at all times and off the golf course and always clean up after them. Barking dogs are a no-no. Golfers don’t appreciate a barking dog in the middle of their back swing.

What about liability issues?

When you choose to become a member you acknowledge that you have read and agree to the (“Golden Rules”). You agree you will not hold the course, any of their staff members or the City responsible for any damage or harm to you, your family or guests, or your vehicles and you acknowledge that you have liability insurance that covers you, your family and guests and your vehicles.

Do the properties lock the gates in the evening?

A few do and it will be noted in the property information sheet. You sign the (“Golden Rules”) saying you understand there will be times when you are locked in at night and will not be able to leave until the property reopens in the morning. You also sign that you will not hold the property responsible due to any issues that arise as a result of your not being able to exit the property.

What about vandalism to our RV, tow vehicle and other personal property?

The properties do not take responsibility for you, your guests, your vehicles or any of your personal property. Golf courses typically have low crime incidence.

Is there an age restriction on RV’s?

NO, not at the Golf Courses and Resort Hotels. What we do require is that your vehicles are well maintained, clean and becoming of a golf course environment. If you feel the quality level of your vehicles are appropriate for a golf course environment, we invite you to join RVGC.

Do you restrict the length of my RV? May I tow a vehicle?

There is NO length restriction for almost every property. However, a handful of courses will note in the property write up that they have limited space and they can only accommodate vehicles up to a certain length and a few RV Resorts only accept Class “A” rigs.

Are hookups included?

The golf courses, Resort Hotels, Private Country Clubs and Golf Training centers do NOT supply hookups. You will be dry camping.

Do the properties offer discounts?

YES, many do. The discounts are listed on the property information sheet in the Members Travel Office.

What happens if I am no longer interested in being an RVGC member?

Simple, at any time, for any reason just send us an email saying you wish to withdraw your participation and it will become effective immediately. There is no contract binding you to multiple years. It is our responsibility to provide you with value and benefits that will cause you to want to continue your membership. RVGC only wins if you are 100% satisfied. We will send you notice when your yearly membership is going to expire.

Tell me again how much it costs to be an RVGC member?

Currently it is a low price of $99 for an annual membership. It starts when you complete the membership sign up form and is good for twelve months. A three year membership is only $237 (20% discount).

I still have a question(s)!

No worries. We want you to be 100% confident this is for you. Contact us at [email protected] or click here to email me.

What do I need to do to become an RVGC member?

When you are ready to become a member, just click on the red ‘JOIN NOW’ at the bottom of the page to complete the information/sign up form. You will receive two automatic response emails:

  • Your Credit card Receipt
  • A welcome and the code that will give you access to the Members Travel Office
  • We believe this is the best money you can invest in your RV lifestyle.
  • Instructions on how to use the Members Travel Office.

You will be able to instantly print out your personalized membership card and VIP RV parking permit. Displaying your VIP parking permit in the wind-shield of your RV while at a property is what prevents you from getting a knock on the door in the middle of the night, with someone telling you to leave the property. We believe this is the best $99 you can invest in your RV lifestyle. Why stay in crowded RV parks or noisy retail store parking lots, truck stops or rest areas when RV Golf Club can add more Style to your RV lifestyle!