Golden Rules

Before becoming a member, you should know and agree to the following Golden Rules:

RV Golf Club (RVGC) offers RV Owners (Member) a complimentary overnight “dry camping” parking space for their RV at participating Golf Courses and Resort Hotels (Property). Discounts are provided at the discretion of the individual Property. RV Resorts (Property), provide 2-nights complimentary parking, or 50% off, or $29.95 for 2-nights, with hookups. You do not have to be a golfer to take advantage of the benefits provided by this unique RV Golf Club program.

The golf courses provide free parking and most properties offer discounts on golf, food & beverage and/or shopping so please patronize their facility, doing so will ensure the continued success of RVGC for you and all Members.

RV Parking space:

The parking space will normally be asphalt, some may be gravel, dirt or a grassy area. Park only in designated areas. If you would like to stay longer than the designated time period you may do so with the permission of the Property. The RV Resorts will charge their standard rates for additional days, weeks or months.


You are welcome to stay at the Golf Course, Resort hotels and Virtual golf Properties as often as you wish because they are not required to provide any hook-ups or trash receptacles. They are providing a complimentary parking space for our Member to stay for an evening. Do not empty any holding tanks and please take your trash with you. RV’s must be completely self-contained.

Most of the RV Resorts provide 2-nights FREE with full hookups. A few offer 50% off or $29.95 for 2-nights, including hookups.  Space rental is the only form of revenue RV Resorts have so you are entitled to ONE free visit at each RV Resort.

* In keeping with our WIN / WIN business model, the RV resorts are allowing our members to stay FREE one time. They hope that you will enjoy their property enough to want to maybe stay an addition night(s) or return another time.

RV Golf Club is filling a void in the RV world. If you want to buy a house anywhere in America just go to but RVers have had no such convenience when it comes to discovering the best RV and Motorcoach Resorts until RV Golf Club began introducing RVers to these unique properties.

Member Responsibilities:

RV parking space is limited so you must call ahead to make sure space is available. If your plans change, be courteous and call back and let the Property know not to expect you. Try and arrive during business hours. When you arrive walk to the Pro shop and show them your membership card and driver’s license and display your VIP parking permit in the window of your RV. Note that some Properties may list in the information form that they lock their gate at closing. If that’s the case you won’t be able to leave until they reopen, which is almost always at the crack of dawn.

The Member acknowledges the golf course is not a camp ground and Members should not extend awnings; set out patio furniture (two lawn chairs are OK); never light a camp fire; or dump waste on the golf course’s property. You may extend your slides and lower your jacks but please use jack pads to protect the parking lot surface. If you plan to run your generator please make sure you are not close to residences.


Pets must be kept in your RV or on a leash at all times. Please clean up after your pet and no barking dogs. Members should remember this is a golf course first and should not do anything that would detract from the ambiance of the golf course’s environment. Pets are not allowed on the course or in common areas during business hours. RV Resorts may have their own specific rules.

RV Requirements:

We do not mandate that your RV be of any certain age and there is NO restriction on length. What is required is that your RV be appropriate for a quality golf course environment. If we receive a complaint that your vehicle is not appropriate we will need to discontinue your membership. Some RV Resorts may have their own restrictions regarding the age, body style or appearance of an RV.

Members are required to maintain liability insurance on their vehicle and proof of such insurance must be carried in the vehicle. The courses have no responsibility for damage or theft to your RV, tow car or to you, your family or guests. You agree to hold RVGC, all Properties and their personnel and the cities where the properties reside from and against any and all claims, controversies, actions, causes of actions, liabilities, demands or damages of whatever name or nature, whether at law or in equity, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, and that includes any manner arising or to grow out of not being able to exit a locked property after hours.

Term of Agreement and Termination:

This Agreement is for one, two or three years, commencing on the date you activate your membership, subject however to termination during such period as provided in this Agreement. Prior to your expiration date you will receive a notice, at which time you may renew your membership at your discretion.

Refund Policy

The yearly RVGC membership fee is extremely reasonable. One or two night’s stay at one of the RVGC participating Properties pays for itself. If we are forced to cancel your membership for any reason please know there are no refunds.

We do offer a 60 DAY 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Your money will be returned if you are not happy for any reason.

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