Why Join RV Golf Club?

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What you get for $99 a year:

* Free dry-camping parking at the Golf Courses, Virtual Golf Centers and the Resort Hotels
* Beautiful landscaping
* Quiet, uncrowded, gorgeous surroundings
* Discounts on golf, food & beverage and shopping (most properties)
* Professional hospitality from friendly staff members
* You are welcomed like a member at hundreds of properties
* You add more style to your RV lifestyle
* Save a heck of a lot of money

RV Golf Club presents you with a breath of fresh air. Instead of squeezing your RV into the many rows of RVs packed closely together in an RV park why not step out your door to professionally landscaped golf courses and resort hotels where you can leisurely walk to the clubhouse, golf course, restaurants and shops? Enjoy wonderful meals, play memorable courses then walk over to the comfort of your luxury RV and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep on private property.

For golfers, this is a dream come true. For non-golfers this is a clever opportunity to take the $30 to $60 you normally give to an RV park and use that money to enjoy a tasty meal, in a quality atmosphere … isn’t that like eating free? Or play a round of golf or purchase something unique in the shops for yourself or someone you love or take a golf lesson.

RV Golf Club is for snowbirds; weekend vacationers and for the Millions of fulltimers wandering around North America. This is the road less traveled you have been seeking, to quench your thirst for excitement. Drive through the gates of these beautiful properties and enjoy the serenity. Smell the roses. Meet interesting people. The $99 annual RV Golf Club membership is one of the finest investments you can make in your RV lifestyle. “Add more Style to Your RV Lifestyle!”

The RV Golf Club concept is quite Simple

RV Golf Club is a conduit, providing RV Owners access to Golf Courses and Resort Hotels in a mutually rewarding relationship. Complete your RV lifestyle with beautiful places, beautiful people and lasting memories at our beautiful Partner GOLF COURSES AND RESORT HOTELS.

Win Win

The properties have to win also so you are encouraged to do commerce. Please consider, to keep this as a pure Win – Win relationship; any money you spend is added revenue they would not have without you and RV Golf Club. Why not enjoy music and a beverage on the Club’s patio, or dinner or a round of golf. This is definitely a classy way to RV. For those of you who only want a free place to park and the other benefits are of no interest to you, this is not the right Club to join.

RVers are unique. They’re not satisfied with one home in one location. They want more. They want it all. They want to be able to surround their “1-bedroom, 350 square foot, luxury condo on wheels” with the best views they can imagine.

With one phone call you reserve a free dry-camping parking space at a beautiful GOLF COURSE or a quality RESORT HOTEL. Then, you can arrive and leave at your convenience. While there you can enjoy the luxury of upgraded amenities; stroll the shops; experience a memorable meal and insure a restful evening. RV Golf club truly is “Living the RV Dream in Style”.

This is a fiscally sound investment with superb Return-On-Investment

You know how much you spend for RV parking so doesn’t it seem logical that you will pay for your RVGC membership in one or two nights? With a low, one-time investment of $99, full-timers can save thousands a year on parking spaces. Or if you just take weekend trips near your home this is ideal. Pick a different golf course each weekend and stay two nights. Snowbirds, this will make your journeys north and south so much more enjoyable.  We know many of you insist on pushing yourself with hours on the road in a hurry to get to your destination. Why not relax and enjoy the beauty of the journey. When it comes to comforts and physical advantages, you’ll find that an RVGC membership offers greater values than just a free parking space. You only go around once, but if you do it right, once is enough.

And while you’re on the road again seeing this wonderful country, the RV Golf club staff will be working in the background to continue adding new, exciting golf courses and Resort Hotels for your exclusive RV Golf Club lifestyle.