How it works

RV Golf Club members have exclusive privileges to hundreds of properties throughout the United States and Canada. The list of destinations is continuously growing, giving you even more properties to enjoy in the year to come with your membership benefits.

RV Golf Club Properties are categorized in 5 major groups –

Golf Courses, Private Country Clubs, RV Resorts, Resort Hotels, and Virtual Golf Centers. In addition to free parking at beautiful golf courses you also enjoy:

  • Most properties offer our members discounts on golf; in the restaurants and shopping
  • The use of many amenities at world-class RESORT HOTELS for free as an invited guest in your RV
  • 2-nights with full hookups at gorgeous RV RESORTS for FREE; (* A couple RV Resorts offer 50% off and a handful offer $29.95 for 2-nights instead of FREE)

To protect the properties, we do not list their exact locations.

The minute you start your membership you will know the names of every property and receive your membership card and VIP parking pass and have access to the interactive map and GPS system for all the properties; the list of amenities; and the RV Golf Club member discounts. You’ll have more properties for your enjoyment than there are days in the year. You will have FREE access to some of the finest courses and RV Resorts in North America, in some of the most desirable locations.

You call each property before arrival.

There is no designated check-in or check-out time at the golf courses and resort hotels.

You may stay at the golf courses, resort hotels and virtual golf centers as often as you like, however, you will only receive the free or RV Golf Club preferred pricing at each of the RV resorts once while you are a member because at the RV Resorts you are using their electricity and at the other properties you are dry-camping.

Yes, this is for real and it is one of the best investments you will ever make in your RV lifestyle.

Join today to see our exclusive listings of affiliated RV Golf Club properties. You can be staying at one of our participating properties tonight.