Summer RV Travel Preparations

Spring break is over, and now we’re getting ready for the summer RV travel season.

Here are a few tips to help you get ready:summer RV Travel

1 – Make a travel packing list in one of the notes applications on your cell phone. 
Create a short list of all the things that you definitely want to take with you every time you travel in your RV.  As you think of things your phone will be right there to add items to your list.  This will make it simpler to pack each time, and you won’t forget anything.  Of course, after your first trip you will discover more items to add to your list!

Some examples of the items we have on our list are:

  • A bag of spices and other pantry type items that would go bad if left in the RV
  • Restock the trash bags, paper towels and paper plates
  • Everything we need to cook – like barbecue tools, grills, pans, a full propane tank

2 – The next step in the thought process is outdoor items like chairs, outdoor tables, bikes, toys, coolers, fans, etc. Anything you’re going to need to put outside your RV which allows you to enjoy the location.

3 –  Next – Check all of your systems!
Verify they are operating properly:

  • Refrigerator
  • Air Conditioning (if you have it)
  • Generator
  • Flush your water system
  • Empty tanks, and verify your toilet system works (do you have chemicals?)

You may want to buy bottled water to make coffee and a bag of ice.  Even if you have a refrigerator with an ice maker it can take time to cool down and make enough ice for drinks!  When you first start out you might want to stop and make some drinks before you arrive and hook up.

Traveling with Pets?

If you’re taking pets with you, make certain you bring everything you need for your pet … including those poop bags! And, toys, leashes, food bowls and all the other pet items.   We actually have a separate list for what we take with us if we’re traveling with pets.  That’s another note you might put in your cell phone.

Finally, at the first place you stop for the night (hopefully you’ll start stop at one of the golf courses included with your RV Golf Club membership) setup your RV and check out all of your systems again after being on the road.  Add items to your ‘Travel Take With Us’ list, and your next trip will be even easier!

Hope these tips help simplify your preparations!

Enjoy your summer RV travel and we look forward to seeing you on the road at one of the more than 400 places to park your RV overnight with